Eye-opening hospital visit for Sacred Heart pupils

Back row: Rebecca Cole, Michelle Clough, Catherine Prestney, Alex Shepherdly. Front row: Taylah Campbell, Zak Watkins, Connor Maxwell

A visit to Kyneton District Health (KDH) has given year 11 students from Sacred Heart College some real-life insight into concepts that textbooks can never truly explain.

Nurse Michelle Clough and midwife Catherine Prestney provided context to the amazing story of birth and human development as part of an ongoing partnership with the school.

Two placentas from babies recently born at KDH and a birthing video proved challenging for some students. But their mild displeasure was soon replaced by a deeper understanding of life’s beginnings.

‘‘They broke down knowledge into language that the students could understand and also used the terms we teach,’’ Sacred Heart health and human development teacher Mel Bratovic said.

‘‘It was great to have them prompt students with questions and have friendly experts lead the discussion.’’ Student Connor Maxwell said the visit was ‘‘a real eye-opener’’.