Ewe need shelter, too

Paula Jewell with a lamb and a shelter. Photo Shawn Smits.

By Jessica Micallef

Ewe are being encouraged to help sheep flock to shelter.

Edgar’s Mission founder and director Pam Ahern is petitioning to enforce sheep shelter as a legal requirement in Australia.

Ms Ahern said it was disappointing that not all Australians could see the conditions sheep had to endure.

“Shelter doesn’t have to actually take the form of a physical structure like a shed, it can just be trees or shrubs,” she said.

“Native grasses can form shelter for sheep as well. They might be more inclined to use that than a shelter.

“People would be appalled if this happened to cats and dogs. But because these animals are sheep, they tend to be out of sight, out of mind – we feel that’s not good enough.

“We pride ourselves on being an animal-loving nation.”

Ms Ahern said the petition had been well received by the community.

“It’s really shooting up,” she said.

“We are getting a lot of support even some farmers have contacted me and said ‘good on you’.

The petition can be found at: bit.ly/2JOIjjN