Eight tips to surviving the Boxing Day sales

(via Unsplash)

With Boxing Day sales on the cards, here are our top tips for those looking to cash in on the discounts.

Whether you’re a seasoned shopper, or this will be your first Boxing Day sales experience, here are some tips to help you get through the day.

1. Do a clean out

Before anything, go through your wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. Pick out anything you no longer use or wear, anything broken or faulty and get rid of them. Make sure to donate what you can and dispose properly of everything else. Your council will have information on how to dispose of certain items correctly, like electronics.

2. Write a list

Once you’ve had a clean out, sit down and really think about what you need and what you want. While the sales are a great way to get those nice headphones you’ve had your eye on for a while, it’s also the best way to stock up on things for the year or to replace those things you need to. Write two separate lists under the two categories (and any other categories like future gifts or anything you’re picking up for someone else). Then, figure out which shop you will buy those items from. You can get creative and use highlighters or coloured pens to categorise. This way, you can narrow down what you will get from each store and try your best to stick to the lists.

3. Utilise the store’s maps

Go to the website of the shopping centre or mall you plan to visit and find the map. Look up where each store is you plan to go to (even if you think you know where it is, shops have changed over the pandemic and could have moved!). Then write a plan for which shops you will go to first and create a path, so you don’t have to keep going from one end of the centre to the other. The best way to is to start with shops where you will be getting smaller, easy to carry items. Leave anything heavy or bulky for last.

4. Get there early or have someone drop you off

You say you will every year, but each time you wake up still in a food coma (or hangover) and bed is impossible to leave. You regret it every time as you circle the parking lot for hours. Well, not this year! Set your alarm earlier than usual and plan ahead what you’ll have to munch on for brekky the night before. Heck, even lay out your outfit Christmas night (comfy, easy to change out of and lightweight!). Once there, just find a park and stick to it. Unless you have a pram or can utilise the disabled parking, don’t bank on getting a park close to the entrance. Alternatively, ask one of your amazing family members or friends to drop you off. When you’ve finished with each round (more on this next), call that amazing person to come and pick up your bags.

5. Have multiple ‘rounds’

This will help keep you on-track and energised for the day. As mentioned before, start off with lighter shopping, like clothes, accessories, shoes and smaller tech items. Then, when it’s about time for a coffee and a treat, take your bags to your car, and find a cafe to take a well earned rest. Look over your lists and check you’re on track. Then, go for round 2 and repeat the process but use the break for some lunch (it might be a good idea to book ahead in case you can’t get a table). After lunch should be about time for the bulkier items, like bedding, large tech things, kitchenware, furniture etc. And repeat until you’re done!

6. Keep hydrated and be prepared

Take a bag you can carry a few things in, like a backpack or across the shoulder tote. Keep a water bottle that you can refill in the centre, some snacks, hand sanitiser, a spare mask, tissues and a pair of socks in case you decide to try on a pair of sneakers.

7. Comply with health protocols.

Although restrictions have eased for shopping and retail, it’s a good idea to check what shopping centres and individual stores have in place for protecting customers against COVID. Expect it to be crowded!

8. Have fun!

Boxing Day shopping can be really stressful – try to have fun with it and go with friends or family who you know you’ll have fun with. If it gets too much, just leave! There will be plenty more sales after the day.