Duo’s hair-raising adventure

Sarah and daughter Caitlin. Photo: Marco De Luca

By Jessica Micallef

Mother and daughter Sarah and Caitlin Hall have teamed up to raise money for a good cause.

The Riddells Creek duo will cut off their ponytails next month.

After witnessing a friend cut off her hair, Ms Hall said Caitlin, 11, was inspired to follow in her friend’s footsteps.

“Caitlin has been growing her hair for quite some time and a friend of hers at school did the World’s Greatest Shave a few months ago and Caitlin was inspired by that,” she said.

“That kind of gave Caitlin the courage to go ‘yes, let’s do this’.”

The mother and daughter researched many different organisations that would accept donated hair, until they came across a charity that was a perfect fit for them both.

“We came across Sustainable Salons Australia, which are one of many charities that take hair,” Ms Hall said.

“This particular one looks after not only young people’s hair, but also old people’s hair like mine.

“I said to Caitlin, ‘if my hair is long enough, I will cut my hair too’ … she got out the ruler and measured my hair and it was 20 centimetres – it fit the brief.

“They can either donate Caitlin’s hair for children’s wigs and my hair for women’s wigs, or they’ll sell Caitlin’s hair for a premium product and that money then goes back into the cost of making wigs.”

The pair wanted to go further and raise money for a charity close to their heart.

They decided on Western Health Foundation because Ms Hall works for Western Health.

“We’ve suggested we’d like for the money to go to Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital because it’s a new hospital. It fits with us, being a mother and daughter,” Ms Hall said.

“I also work in a department within the women’s and children’s so it all ties in quite nicely.

“Our goal is a massive $3000. We set a big target. I don’t know if that was a wise thing or not. If we don’t get $3000, that’s OK because every dollar counts.

“I’m actually surprised at the level of generosity of other people … people are amazing.”

Ms Hall and Caitlin will cut their hair on July 1, at Salon Adamo at the Sunshine Hospital.

“I really do like having long hair and brushing it and doing all different hairstyles with it so I guess it will be a little different having short hair for a while,” Caitlin said.

“But it makes me feel generous.”

Ms Hall is hoping their story would inspire other women, young and old, to help a cause.

To donate: bit.ly/2ZrPDs6