Donation from the heart

Sisters Elena, 7, and Luisa, 9, will soon donate their hair to Variety Hair to turn into wigs. (Damjan Janevski) 222850_01

Jessica Micallef

Sisters Luisa and Elena are following in the footsteps of their mum.

The Sunbury girls have been growing out their hair for more than two years so they can cut it off and donate it to Variety Hair to turn into wigs.

Luisa and Elena’s dad Carlo D’Amico said his daughters decided to grow their hair after witnessing their mum Gayle donate her hair.

“The girls wanted to do the same thing and follow in mum’s footsteps,” he said.

“They have beautiful long hair just like their mum.”

After two years, the girl’s hair reaches 35 centimetres. Luisa, 9, and Elena, 7, are also raising money for Epilepsy Foundation, an organisation that is close to the family’s heart.

“Luisa was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was seven-years-old and I suffer from it to,” Mr D’Amico said.

“In her case, epilepsy does not show in seizures, it’s just in … short episodes of absences or having a blank moment.

“That’s how it started for me so I knew what to look for. She’s never had a seizure.”

Mr D’Amico said he and his family were extremely proud of what his daughters have achieved at such a young age.

Luisa and Elena are cutting off their hair on December 14.

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