Do-it-yourself District favourites

District 3429 are putting together DIY cooking kits. Pic of owner Ami Tran and manager Alex Fitzgibbon. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 216784_01

Jessica Micallef

District 3429 is bringing traditional Vietnamese flavours straight to the doors of its customers.

The Sunbury restaurant has been busy creating and distributing do-it-yourself cooking kits, filled with fresh ingredients to recreate their favourite Vietnamese meals at home.

Owner Ami Tran said the kits included marinated meats, spices and herbs.

“They are a fantastic starting point to help people in the kitchen,“ she said,

“We know that everyone is in isolation and lockdown so we knew that families are juggling online learning as well as their own jobs.

“There are no hard instructions and we have done all the measuring.“

Ms Tran started delivering the kits at the beginning of stage three restrictions. She said the kits have been a huge hit across the community.

“We also created a District movie box but we put a modern and Asian theme to it,“ she said.

“So instead of popcorn, it was prawn crackers and instead of chips it was spring rolls and we put dumplings in there as well.“

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Ms Tran’s restaurant to switch to takeaway and delivery services which had a “great impact“ on her business.

“I struggle to talk about it because it’s such a harsh reality but we still have to keep on going and we’ve had to adapt as everything was rolling out,“ she said.

“But it [the kits] also gave our team jobs because our waiters … became computer operators and we use our own delivery drivers.“

To order a kit, visit District 3429’s Facebook or Instagram page.