Cyclists call for drivers to take more care

Bike Safe Macedon Ranges has called on drivers to look out for cyclists and pass them with care following a series of incidents on local roads.

Members of the awareness group fear that someone could easily have been killed. Each of the recent crashes has involved riders being hit from behind in clear conditions while wearing bright clothing with bike lights on.

A Sunbury father of three is recovering at home after suffering a broken leg and extensive grazing while riding near Riddells Creek on May 22.

Another cyclist suffered minor injuries after being struck in Sunbury last week.

The group has warned that the effects of such incidents extends beyond physical injuries, often creating significant emotional and financial stress.

Bike Safe member Chris Alcefski, who has been riding for close to 30 years, said an overwhelming majority of motorists did the right thing.

But the Gisborne South resident said some motorists did not appreciate the vulnerability of cyclists, especially on country roads.

‘‘You go to Europe and they don’t have that angst whereas, unfortunately, some drivers here seem to think they shouldn’t have to share the road,’’ Mr Alcefski said. ‘‘There’s definitely more cyclists on our roads these days.’’

Mr Alcefski urged cyclists to make sure they could be easily seen by carrying flashing lights and wearing fluorescent clothing, helmets, shoes or gloves. ‘‘It might be the difference between someone seeing you or not,’’ he said.

Data shows three cyclist

Transport Accident Commission claims involving hospitalisation in Macedon Ranges and 10 in Hume in the past five years.