Customers sold on Adam

Real estate agent Adam Sacco.

When it comes to realty, there’s no room for fake pitches – that’s the core of Adam Sacco’s approach to the property game.

The director of Leading Real Estate at Sunbury (pictured) has been ranked among the 10 most referred agents in Australia, recording $46 million in sales in the year to August 24, and being ranked eighth on Australia’s largest ratings website,

Mr Sacco, who received 61 reviews for the year, also achieved a satisfaction rating of 100 per cent.

The ratemyagent site has about 8000 members.

‘‘I’m 14th in sales in Australia, which is huge,” Mr Sacco said. “But to be eighth, as far as recommendations and referrals, is just fantastic because the only ones who can put a testimonial in are clients.’’

Mr Sacco said Leading had grown its local market share from four per cent to 17.2 in the 12 months since he took on the fledgling franchise.

‘‘It comes down to caring about people, and not giving off the wrong vibe. That’s one thing that makes it really easy to succeed because, unfortunately, as a profession, real estate agents tend to have such a bad name.

‘‘Here, every single person who walks in the door is treated like family … we’ve also prided ourselves on embracing technology, feeding everyone with the right information and being transparent … it leads to success.’’