Creative fun in the bag

Goonawarra Primary School pupil Hudson. Photo: Damjan Janevski.

By Jessica Micallef

Sunbury school kids are tapping into their creative talents while doing their bit for the environment.

Goonawarra Primary School prep to grade 2 pupils have been designing their very own boomerang bags as part of their threads and textiles studies.

Visual arts teacher Sonja Procek said it was the perfect way for the school’s children to understand, in an imaginative way, how recycling worked.

“We’re talking a lot about reduce, reuse and recycle at the moment and I thought this could fit into it quite well,” she said.

“The children are decorating them with permanent texta and making them their own.

“Because it’s permanent texta, it’ll be there forever.”

The Sunbury Boomerang Bags group provided the school with 220 bags for the children to decorate and use.

“We’ve been talking about how plastic gets into our environment and how it really makes a mess,” Ms Procek said.

“It’s all very important for children to rethink a use for something.

“They will not only tap into their creative talents but [they] will be encouraging their family to reduce, reuse and recycle when using this sustainable product made of recycled fabrics.”