Crafting back on the cards

Angela Evans (seated) with her carer, Magda. (Supplied)

Oliver Lees

In the midst of Victoria’s sixth lockdown, one Sunbury resident is using her time to rediscover one of her favourite pastimes – card making.

In 2003, after suffering from back pain that limited her ability to work, Angela Evans began filling her time crafting cards, each adorned with a unique three-dimensional flower design made out of craft paper.

Angela said she made cards for all occasions but never charged her customers.

The cards were popular, she said, so much so that she compiled a free online booklet with a how-to guide for anyone to use.

“I’ve got a very inquiring mind, so I enjoyed finding new patterns and being able to make it work,” she said.

“But mostly I enjoyed making people happy. I’d pick a person from my contacts and send one to them, if that puts a smile on their face, it’s worth more than any payment.

But in 2019, after her husband of 40 years died, Ms Evans lost the will to continue her craft without someone to keep her motivated.

“He was my inspiration to do things, he was always there rooting for me and taking an interest in what I did,” she said.

“On his rostered day off, he’d take me to any craft shop I wanted to go to. When he died, I lost it. And I hadn’t been able to get myself back into it.”

That is until recently, when Angela unearthed her old craft supplies with the help of her carer, Magda.

Working for Australian Multicultural Community Services, Magda visits Angela’s home regularly to help around the house and has taken an interest in Angela’s craft-filled past.

“She does have a real interest in my cards, so I’m seeing it as a goal to get back into doing what I love,” Angela said.

“It’s really done good things for my mojo, I’m excited about it. It’s a win for us both, and it’ll be nice to do something with my talent.”

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