Councillor’s apology postponed

Cr Dance's verbal apology to council has been postponed due to a potential legal challenge. (Damjan Janevski)

Oliver Lees

Hume councillor Trevor Dance’s verbal apology to council has been postponed after it was revealed that there is a current legal challenge relating to the matter.

At a meeting held on September 13, Cr Dance was directed not to attend the next two council meetings and to apologise to council after an independent arbiter found him to be in breach of eight clauses of the Councillor Code of Conduct.

Per the direction of council, Cr Dance did not attend the two meetings following the decision.

However as Cr Dance was an apology (did not attend) the October 25 meeting – when he was directed to deliver a verbal apology to council – the direction was rescheduled for last week’s meeting.

Speaking at Monday’s council meeting, executive Sheena Frost said the item directing Cr Dance to apologise would be withdrawn once again after it was confirmed that there was a potential legal challenge relating to the item.

“It [the legal challenge] is currently being assessed so we haven’t been able to confirm whether it’s been accepted, however on that basis I’m withdrawing the item until the status is resolved,” Ms Frost said.

Ms Frost said the retraction does not mean council’s direction will lapse and that further advice will be sought on whether or not the item will be submitted at a future council meeting.