Community art raises awareness for CareWorks

A colourful dome made of 150 decorated wheels delighted visitors at Sunbury StreetLife.

The attention-grabbing community art project raised awareness earlier this month for Sunbury’s CareWorks service, a not-for-profit organisation that assists those in need with food, financial aid, a listening ear and practical help.

Children from eight Sunbury primary schools and two kindergartens contributed to the bright artwork, organised by CareWorks board member and Sunbury mother Nicholle Gallus.

Mrs Gallus said the project taught the schools and the community about CareWorks.

This year marked the fourth time she has organised a collaborative art project for CareWorks, but the first time the project had merged with StreetLife.

Mrs Gallus said she chose to centre the work around wheels this year to tie it in with the concept of helping each other to move forward.

“The dome of wheels was about how every service and school in the community helps people move from one place to the next,” she said.

After the children had decorated the wheels, the dome took Mrs Gallus two hours to install, on top of the hours spent co-ordinating the children’s work.

Sunbury Bunnings Warehouse donated coloured spray paint for the project.