Come fly with the birds

BoilOver artists prepare for their Melbourne Fringe Festival performance (supplied).

Sunbury based inclusive theatre company, BoilOver is heading to Melbourne this weekend to perform at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

The artists will be presenting the premiere of an original piece of work called The Birds which blends dance, physical performance, circus arts and AI technology to create a compelling audio-visual work.

The performance will feature the striking sound of birdcalls, with artist’s unique movements triggering different birdcalls of their choosing.

Speaking to the Star Weekly in the lead up to the performance, creative producer Carmen Maddison said this is the first time the group has done street performance.

“We are doing a roaming performance at the Abbotsford Convent,” Ms Maddison said. “This work is a new challenge for us because we have never done street performance before.

“We’ve been working with Monash University with their accessible sound devices which are called AirSticks… [and] we are using interactive sound technology [in the performance].

“We will have [it] attached to our bodies and… when you move your body it will trigger sound, so we will be triggering bird calls.

“It will bring a new dimension to the performance.”

During the free outdoor 60-minute performance, the audience will roam the Abbotsford Convent grounds as the performers appear and reappear, guiding people into the convent courtyard for a performance finale.

The performance will be followed by a Q&A with the artists who will also lead a creative practice workshop.

You can catch The Birds on Saturday October 14, at 11am to 12pm. Details: or 9660 9666.