Anger over Sunbury parking inaction


Hume council has been asked to explain why plans for a multi-level carpark in Evans Street, Sunbury, were scrapped as the town’s parking crisis worsens.

And with spaces increasingly difficult to find, Cr Jack Medcraft has also asked the council to prepare a report detailing how much a nearby grassland reserve, purchased by the former Shire of Bulla, was worth and how it came to be granted environmental protection.

‘‘I’d like to know why we have 10 acres of prime real estate in the city that can’t be used for anything,’’ he told last week’s council meeting.

‘‘We’re screaming out for parking, screaming out for amenities … there are so many things that could be used on that block to alleviate the problems we’re experiencing now.’’

Plans for a private multi-level carpark at Harris Scarfe were abandoned in 2011, despite extensive talks between the private owner, council and Public Transport Victoria.

As reported by Star Weekly, the town’s parking woes have increased since a crackdown at short-term bays at Sunbury Central shopping centre began late last month, with many train passengers resorting to leaving their cars in nearby side streets.

Outsider parking

Cr Medcraft said data showed almost 40 per cent of cars parked at Sunbury train station came from the Macedon Ranges.

Sunbury Business Association president Michael Osborne said parking and traffic congestion were posing huge problems for shoppers and businesses.

‘‘We continue to hear people saying that if it’s going to take 20 minutes to drive down Vineyard Road and get a park at the shops, they’ll just keep going to Watergardens,’’ he said.