Bulla girl’s brave battle

Elisha was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer that affects bone marrow. (Supplied)

Life drastically changed for a young Bulla family last month when two-year-old Elisha seemed to have picked up a flu virus.

Mum Nicole became more concerned when their bright and bubbly daughter spent most of the day sleeping and refused to eat.

“This is a child that if she got a flu or a cold it didn’t stop her,” Nicole said.

“And she never, ever, ever refused food – ever – in two and a half years,” Nicole said between laughs.

Then Elisha wouldn’t stand up on her feet.

On July 26, Elisha was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer that affects bone marrow, pre B acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

This week the little girl undergoes her fourth week of chemotherapy and another round of surgery.

More than two years of treatment lies ahead.

“This is a big battle,” Nicole said.

Nicole has had to stop work to give her daughter 24-hour care.

She said Elisha is now feeling a bit better overall, but there are bad days.

“She’s doing exceptionally well considering what she’s going through,” Nicole said.

The mother-of-three said Elisha has always been a happy child.

“She just loves life,” Nicole said. “She’s always the first one to say hello and the last one to say goodbye.”

“She is the most endearing, well-mannered, cheeky little girl you could imagine.”

Elisha adores playing with her brothers, Ted, 4, and Charlie, 1, and her friends at childcare.

The daycare centre she attends, Mickleham Road Early Learning Centre, has been fundraising in support of the family.

The centre has started an online donation and has a collection tin at the door.

Parents from the centre have also been trying to help out, getting their workplaces involved and donating items to raffle.

“They have just been absolutely phenomenal,” Nicole said.

“I am just speechless at the generosity of some people.”

Contributions can be made to the Ward family at www.gofundme.com/elishas-fund