Bulla development approved by council

Hume City council . Photo by Damjan Janevski. 228421_01

By Oliver Lees

Hume council has endorsed the development of six two-storey homes at a site in Bulla.

Located on Rawdon Street, the site is also bound by Bourke Street and Bulla Road and is owned in common with the commercial use which includes Hungry Jack’s and the Black Horse hotel and motel.

Each home will include four bedrooms and a single car garage.

The application received four objections, one of which contained a petition with 24 signatures opposing the development.

In a public submission presented at last night’s council meeting, a Bulla resident stated clear opposition to the proposal, describing it as a “recipe for disaster”.

“The approval for six townhouses to be built in an area that up until now has only been allowed one dwelling is not only out of character for our area, but not what our little community needs,” the statement read.

“Surrounding homes are all single storey and this will be an eyesore, [create] extra traffic and no footpaths is a recipe for disaster, especially with children and the elderly.

“Bulla does not need such hideous buildings.”

The development application was referred to external bodies on the issues of waste water, traffic management and tree removal and the proposal was supported on each front.

Cr Jack Medcraft said he was satisfied that the concerns of the objections had been taken into consideration during the assessment of the application.

“We’re in a time where people are starting to move into areas that they never probably thought of before, and that’s progress,” Cr Medcraft said.

“You can’t keep things the same as they were 20 or 30 years ago, people are going to move in and you’ll have to move with the times, and that’s what’s happening in Bulla.”

Cr Medcraft said the developments would also provide affordable housing options for young families wishing to move to the Hume council area.