BMX track upgrade floated

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By Jessica Micallef

A “state-of-the-art” BMX track could be on the cards for the Sunbury BMX Club.

During last month’s council meeting, Hume councillors agreed to prepare a report to outline the cost, requirements and benefits of upgrading the Sunbury BMX track.

Jacksons Creek ward councillor Jarrod Bell said the Sunbury BMX Club was one of the largest BMX clubs in Victoria and that the track needed to be of “competition standards”.

“BMX is massively growing here in Sunbury and across our city,” he said.

“At the moment, the track can be quite dangerous or unusable in the wrong conditions, especially after a little bit of rain.”

A new pavilion at the club opened in February last year. But Cr Bell said more work was needed to be done to upgrade the track.

He said the track needed lights and to be sealed for the safety of riders and viewers.

“I fully recognise that councillors did give the Sunbury BMX Club a fantastic pavilion at the track [but] it can become quite dangerous … after a little bit of rain, especially in a racing competition situation,” he said.

Hume’s deputy mayor Jack Medcraft said an upgraded track would be welcomed by the community and could bring BMX events to Sunbury.

“I was stunned when I went to the opening of the pavilion. I couldn’t believe how many kids there were with bikes,” he said.

“We could have really big events and state titles if that track was sealed and I think a priority is to get that done and to get lighting because it [the track] is always being used.”

Cr Trevor Dance said for a small amount of money, the BMX track could become a “state-of-the-art” track for riders.