Bank boss pulls up stumps

Rod Browning

The man who has guided the fortunes of Lancefield and Romsey community banks since the branches opened more than 15 years ago is pulling up stumps.

Senior manager Rod Browning, who came on board a few short months after the Lancefield branch opened its doors, is retiring next month after 46 years in the banking industry.

Mr Browning said he looks forward to devoting his time to his great loves – family, travel and cricket.

He’s an avid cricketer who played at premier level earlier in his career, served in administration at Sub-District club Brunswick and still plays in the over 60s circuit.

“I’ve felt a bit jealous at times when some of the other players have gone away for tournaments and I’ve been at work – so now I’ll be able to be part of it a lot more,” Mr Browning said.

“It’s been a pleasure to have been able to work here and I will miss all the people that I’ve met.

“I’ve told people the same thing in all the years I’ve been in the industry … this is their bank and it’s important that the community knows that and continues to support their community banks.”

Lancefield and Romsey community banks chair David Plunkett said Mr Browning’s retirement would be a big loss.

“Our bank company, and the wider Lancefield and Romsey communities, owe a big debt of thanks to Rod Browning for the way he has grown our bank,” Mr Plunkett said.