Back to school with free home broadband

(Pietro Jeng/Unsplash)

With the return of the 2024 school year, McEwen MP Rob Mitchell is encouraging local families to check if they are eligible for free home broadband through the School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI).

To ensure more Australian school students can utilize the benefits of broadband, up to 30,000 eligible families with school aged children will be able to connect to the NBN.

“As students around Australia prepare to go back to school, it is essential they have access to reliable, fast home broadband to fully engage in online learning and connect with teachers and peers,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Not only does this initiative support educational outcomes, it benefits entire households who can access essential digital services like telehealth and banking from home.”

The affordability initiative has been extended until December 31, 2025, meaning more families can benefit from a free home broadband connection for longer.

Currently, more than 6000 households have already been connected to free internet through the SSBI, and a further 18,000 vouchers have been issued to eligible families to get connected.

To be eligible, a family must have a child living at home and enrolled in an Australian school, have no active home broadband service over the NBN network and live somewhere that can access a standard NBN service.

Families interested in the SSBI can contact the National Referral Centre on 1800 954 610 to have their eligibility assessed.