Axle lends a helping paw

Sunbury dog Axle (pictured with owner Belinda) has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for wildlife affected by bushfires. (Luke Hemer)

By Jessica Micallef

Axle the Staffordshire terrier is lending a helping paw to fellow furry friends.

The Sunbury icon and his owner Belinda Shipp set up a GoFundMe page earlier this month to raise much needed funds for wildlife affected by the Victorian bushfires.

Miss Shipp said her love for animals inspired her to do her bit. “I have a soft spot for animals and pretty much everything I do is always relating to animals, whether it’s helping them or whether it’s getting the message to adopt and not to shop,” she said.

“It’s going to be a long process in treatment. They need the funds. Recovery is going to be a long time and we need to think about relocating the animals.”

Ms Shipp used Axle’s social media to spread the awareness about the need to donate to wildlife charities and organisations. The duo has since raised more than $7500. Ms Shipp said the money would be
equally distributed among four animal rescue organisations.