Aware and alert call for residents

By Jessica Micallef

Hume mayor Cr Carly Moore has reminded residents to be safe during summer.

Cr Moore said heatwaves, fire and extreme weather conditions were all realities of an Australian summer.

“You are not guaranteed warning of changing weather conditions, so residents need to plan, prepare and be ready for extreme weather events,” Cr Moore said.

“If you plan to spend time in and around water this summer, you must know how to swim, keep watch and take appropriate precautions to ensure you and your family are safe.”

Officer in charge at Sunbury fire station Brian Scown said families need to have a tested bushfire plan in place.

“It’s important everyone knows what the plan is,” Mr Scown said. “If you’re going to leave early, leave early.”

He warned against residents staying to protect their homes during a fire.

“Defending property is a big decision and a big risk,” he said.

He also advised pet owners to pack enough bedding, food and water for their animals.

Mr Scown said Victorians can expect a higher than average fire danger this year, with some areas, particularly Macedon, already drying out faster than usual.

He said residents should already have started downloading fire apps.

“Be aware and be alert,” he said.