Anger over Sunbury trains


By Jessica Micallef

An afternoon V/Line service between Southern Cross and Kyneton is overcrowded and getting
worse, according to a Gisborne resident.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, claims the 5.04pm V/Line weekday service from Southern Cross to Kyneton is being heavily used by city commuters who get off at Sunbury station.

The resident uses the afternoon service every day to commute from Melbourne to Gisborne,
and has been doing so for four years. He said the passenger numbers on the train had been
getting “significantly worse” over the years.

“No one should be using it to get off at Sunbury because Sunbury is a Metro service,”
he said. “It’s not policed and the numbers have been getting significantly worse. No one is taking action.

“These people are taking up seats for people travelling to Kyneton. It has started to generate quite a bit of angst among commuters. People have started getting vocal.

“Anyone getting off at Sunbury should be fined. It’s not a Sunbury service.”

The resident said the 5.04pm service was a three-carriage train instead of a six-carriage train due to stabling yard restrictions.

The resident said some commuters often waited up to half an hour extra to board a
six-carriage train.

“People are standing, sitting, sitting on luggage racks, sitting on the floor,” the resident said. “I am paying close to $3000 a year to use the service. People are getting off at Sunbury [and] are paying a lot less but yet they are taking our seats.”

A V/Line spokesperson said passengers were allowed to travel between Melbourne and Sunbury on most Bendigo line services except for two “busy” services in the afternoon peak. “Passengers are encouraged to use one of the frequent metropolitan train services to Sunbury and we remind everyone that restrictions are in place on some V/Line services to prevent passengers disembarking at Sunbury during peak times,” the spokesperson said.

“Passengers who choose to get off at the two restricted services at Sunbury can be fined under the Victorian Fares and Ticketing Conditions.”