Add that personal touch


Household items or trinkets that mean something to your family in Sunbury and the Macedon Ranges could make for some spectacular Christmas decorations this season.

Getting into the festive spirit need not be very expensive or labour intensive with a few ideas to help you create your own decorations to wow your guests.

Give your guests a dramatic welcome: A pair of inexpensive plastic urns from the garden centre instantly dress up a front doorway. Place a tall foam cone in each urn, anchor it with sand, then use florist sticks and wire to attach greenery and Christmas balls.

Make an easy table topper centrepiece by buying a garland of greenery available at garden centres to run down the length of your table.

Send your kids out to collect pine cones, and use them as rustic toppers. You can also buy pinecones at garden or craft stores.

Another festive idea could be to load a simple glass jar or bowl with multiples of the same fruit, nut, or monochromatic ornament. Trifle bowls filled with red apples and green baby artichokes – the colours of Christmas and walnuts look especially festive. Or you could try bowls of lemons and limes as an alternative.

For a subtle outdoor decoration, gather pine cones of various sizes and arrange them in a window box or in pots on your porch, sprinkling the tiniest ones on top. The weatherproof display should last until next season.

Instead of the traditional evergreen, try a homemade wreath of citrus fruits. Start with a circular piece of florist’s foam, then use wooden florist’s picks to secure large items, such as oranges, first. Continue with smaller fruit -persimmons, clementines, limes and tie with a thick velvet ribbon.

Personalised place setting adds a very nice touch to Christmas lunch. Serve holiday dinner buffet style and wrap each dish in a sheet of parchment paper and tie with a length of ribbon before stacking it. Guests will be rewarded with a pretty presentation not to mention a little gift-opening practice.

Get creative this Christmas and make the most of the material around you to make your house sparkle for the festive season.