Little girl with a big heart

Zahra. Damjan Janevski

By Jessica Micallef

Little Zahra has cut off her hair for a good cause.

The seven-year-old Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School pupil was inspired to cut off her long locks to show support for a friend’s mum who has cancer.

“I felt quite bad for her,” Zahra said. “My hair was quite long and I thought I could donate my hair. At the start I was nervous, but then we did a little cut.”

Zahra’s mum Alex said her daughter’s hair was donated to the Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation to be turned into wigs for people with cancer.

“We looked for a place that actually used the hair for wigs,” she said.

“A lot of places sell it and then use the money for cancer research, but we wanted it to definitely go to a wig.

“We raised money. The school did a crazy hair day. She raised just under $600.“

The money was donated to the OTIS Foundation which offers retreat accommodation at no cost for families and women going through breast cancer.

Alex said she was “super proud” of her daughter for going a cut above. “When she first came up and told me she wanted to cut her hair, my initial reaction was ’no’,” she said.

“[But] She said ‘it was something I really wanted to do’. “She’s got a really generous heart. She always thinks of other people before herself.”