Work of student artists in full bloom

Consumerism, science, nature and the way we see ourselves are explored in a new Sunbury exhibition featuring works by three visual artists.

Sunbury’s Maddi Seyman and fellow La Trobe University Bendigo students Steffy Herbertson and Rebbecca Luke provide three distinct perspectives through paintings, ceramics and sculptures.

Ms Seyman says the opening of the five-day exhibition at the Boiler House Art Gallery from 2pm this Friday will be an exciting moment for the trio.

‘‘It’s the first exhibition for all of us,’’ she says.

Planning for the show, which will be the basis of a written assignment for the students, began in mid-August.

Ms Seyman says the trio’s art will encourage people to ‘‘confront the surreal’’.

‘‘They’re paintings exploring the way we see ourselves, ideas of beauty,’’ she says.

‘‘Then there’s a collection of bowls and cups that take a view of consumerism and a series of sculptures about science meeting nature.

‘‘It’s really varied because we’re three very different artists, so different ideas are being covered.’’

Bodies in Bloom is open from 10.30am-4pm, October 3-6. Entry by gold coin donation.