Wellbeing, from the top down

Students at Red Rock Christian College are empowered to be confident and resilient. (Pictures: Supplied)

Wellbeing is integrated into everything that’s done at Red Rock Christian College in Sunbury, says the Head of Wellbeing, Sharon Garro, who believes that students who feel well also function well.

“Helping students to know how to identify their own levels of wellbeing, and how to make adjustments to their thinking or environment, empowers them to become more confident and resilient,” Ms Garro says.

“They also learn how to take on challenges, persevere through difficult times, become better friends and kinder people; and be in the best position to learn. Learning is not only academic, it involves the development of character and learning dispositions which help us achieve our goals.

“We can only do these things when we feel settled and safe in our bodies and minds. Students who come to RRCC get to know their character and learning strengths, and gain an appreciation that we are all different – and that’s a good thing.”

Staff members pursue continual development of wellbeing practises under the Visible Wellbeing Framework (VWB) by Professor Lea Waters from the University of Melbourne.

“When staff experience positive wellbeing, it helps them to do their job to their very best and model this to their students.

“The VWB Framework takes staff and students through six evidenced pathways to wellbeing: Strengths, Emotional Management, Attention, Relationships, Coping, and Habits and Goals. As such, we have a whole school approach to wellbeing, from the top down.

“We know that the way teachers interact with students, and how students interact with each other, has a big part to play in how safe and engaged a student feels at school and how they experience a sense of belonging.

“It also impacts on how well they can learn. These are vital components to providing a well-balanced and authentic educational experience.”

In summing up, Ms Garro says: “Having wellbeing as a priority has so many advantages and helps to truly empower students to influence their world with integrity.”

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