Supporting students during transition and beyond

Year 7 is an exciting time at Sacred Heart College.

Sacred Heart College Kyneton is a Catholic secondary school in the Mercy tradition, offering a caring and safe learning environment.

When students commence at the college as Year 7s they join a community skilled in providing a carefully planned transition experience, tailored to the needs of young people moving from the primary to secondary setting.

In March each year, Grade 5 students from Sacred Heart’s feeder Catholic schools visit for a day to get a glimpse of college life. This year they experienced a range of classes including robotics, art, hospitality and science. Students created Lego robots, painted ‘Picassos’, made apricot balls, discovered some fun scientific facts, and had a session on the VR headsets – where they experienced walking through ancient Rome. They then enjoyed lunch in the Atrium and played team games with our Year 9/10 Peer Support group at lunchtime – a highlight for many.

Many students and their families have visited Sacred Heart long before their commencement at the college and this provides a further opportunity for familiarisation. Some families will have taken the opportunity to attend an open evening, which showcases the variety of opportunities available in both the Junior and Senior years, while others have taken advantage of the regular college tours to get a better insight into facilities, subjects, and broader opportunities.

Year 7 students begin the school year with a wellbeing day. This day is set aside for getting to know one another, as well as the homeroom teacher and other staff. They are welcomed through the Mercy doors of the chapel by Year 12 students who form a guard of honour outside its entrance. This is followed by an amazing day at Melton Wave Pool to strengthen newly formed friendships. Early in Term 1, the Year 7s attend a 3-day team-building camp in Kinglake, providing

opportunities to develop friendships with those from other classes, while having fun and developing skills and teamwork beyond the classroom. Other highlights on the transition calendar are the Peer Support Program and the College swimming and athletics carnivals, where the house spirit is clearly on display and enjoyed by all.

We encourage all those in our local community currently considering options for their children’s secondary journey to learn more about the diverse educational offerings of Sacred Heart College Kyneton, by visiting the college website, or attending one of the regular college tours. Further information is provided on the college website –