Rock-solid foundation for the future

Red Rock Christian College students are encouraged to build a life of learning. (Pictures: Supplied)

The benefits of an integrated approach of Faith, Wellbeing and Learning adopted by Red Rock Christian College have been tested and proven in this most challenging of years, according to Principal Karen McCoy.

“It’s been difficult for staff and students alike,” Ms McCoy says, “yet we see them rising to the challenge – embracing online learning, applying wellbeing strategies, and championing each other.”

Despite navigating current pandemic uncertainties, she says the belief that their students – from Prep to Year 12 – are fearfully and wonderfully made, remains the heart of what the school does.

“This motivates us to seek ways to see all young people flourish. Our strengths-based wellbeing approach enables us to focus on what is ‘right’ with people, to empower young people to embrace their strengths, build a strong positive identity and establish healthy relationships.

“We empower students to own their learning, pursue their passions and influence their world with integrity by demonstrating and teaching healthy mindsets, strength-based language, wellbeing strategies, and skills in maintaining positive relationships.

“Our Head of Wellbeing ensures staff are well trained in visible wellbeing and restorative practice.”

Ms McCoy goes on to explain the Red Rock Christian College approach in the primary and secondary years:

Prep-Year 6
“It’s in these years that we establish the foundations for building a life of learning, thinking intelligently, and for developing character.

“A child’s experiences and their environment in the early years are highly influential in the way they see themselves and others. We focus on developing a healthy identity, resilience of character and the ability to value others and to interact positively with peers and teachers.

“We know our children will thrive – and not just survive – in their years of school with this rock-solid foundation.”

Years 7-12
“These years at RRCC are a place to build on this foundation – to coach and walk alongside our teens as they become more independent in their thinking, as they explore and form opinions about the world and their place in the world.

“As a Christian school, we help our students understand God’s loving view of the world and its people, and to recognise the unique ways in which they can bring life, justice and hope to the world.

“The secondary years are about honouring and supporting the capacity of our young people to increasingly manage and choose their education. “It is about equipping them with character, skills and understandings that will prepare them to influence their world with integrity in their chosen field.”

In summary
“Our college is about empowering young people to know their strengths, pursue their passions and to make a difference in the world.”

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