Remote learning unlocks opportunity

Salesian College Principal Mark Brockhus with students. (Photo supplied)

Remote learning during pandemic lockdowns has taught the principal and staff at Salesian College Sunbury that they needed to be creative and quickly reevaluate work practices to maintain the very best for their school community.

College principal Mark Brockhus acknowledges that life with COVID-19 has presented many and varied challenges, including in education which he says has been turned on its head.

“We had to unlock opportunities that, just a few months ago, may have seemed impossible,” he says. “But we were able to make the sudden shift and stay academically connected when students moved to remote learning.

“Our confident and proficient staff embraced innovative ways of teaching and learning to ensure each student could continue to strive for excellence and be prepared for success in school and in life.

“Our school had to rethink the way we did things in order to achieve our 
students’ goals. Infrastructure, hardware, availability and connectivity, learning materials and support – each has to be rethought.

“Throughout this, staff continued to empower students and provide quality education, while promoting the school values of Community, Learning, Excellence and Faith in all practices.

Mr Brockhus believes Salesian College prepares students well for the future.

“We encourage them to strive in all aspects of life and inspire them to enthusiastically engage with the world around them in order to make a difference.

“It doesn’t matter if our students are onsite or remote learning, we 
encourage all students to participate in all areas, regardless of their level of skill to help them flourish and reach their potential.

“Our school motto, Striving for Life, is reflected throughout our unique culture, which embodies our values of religion and generosity of spirit, excellence and academic rigor, discipline and dedication, integrity and honesty.

“As a Catholic community, we recognise the presence of God who challenges us to embrace Gospel values.”

As well as a variety of subjects, a huge range of co-curricular opportunities is available – aimed at allowing students to move out of their comfort zones, be challenged, and open minds to potential in their futures.

Anyone can see for themselves what makes the school “a home that welcomes” by taking a virtual tour online – there’s much to explore.

Enrolments for year 7, 2022 close August 21, with applications available on the website below.

Salesian College Sunbury, 1 Macedon Street, Sunbury. Inquiries: 9744 0000 or