New group provides the tools for living well

‘Tools 4 Living Well’ is facilitated by one of Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health’s counsellors.

A new group has started up in Kyneton which aims to support people dealing with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress or any feelings of sadness, despair or being overwhelmed with life.

‘Tools 4 Living Well’ is facilitated by one of Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health’s counsellors and the sessions draw on the experience of members of the group as they share their stories and their strategies on managing their mental health.

The free sessions also include practical skills such as mindfulness and breathing exercises.

“Tools 4 Living Well allows people to connect with others who are going through similar life experiences,” says Gina Alvarez from Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health.

“We provide a calm, supportive and inclusive space where people will have the opportunity to learn from each other, reflect and develop the

skills to improve their wellbeing.”

Group members can also be referred to individual counselling if they feel that this would work for them either in addition to the peer support group or instead of.

Light refreshments are available and a supervised space for children with activities will be provided if group members need to bring their pre-school aged children along.

The group meets every Tuesday between 9.30am and 11.30am at Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health’s building at 1 Caroline Chisholm Drive Kyneton.

To register your interest contact Gina Alvarez on 03 5421 1617 or email