Moving to a retirement village – tips for selling your home


Everyone’s situation is different, so we’ve intionally kept our tips general. Dive in here with us to get the bird’s- eye view of selling your home and freeing up resources to build a life you’ll love in retirement.

Set the scene

The first steps are all about making sure your home is one your prospective buyers will love to look at. It sounds superficial, but this preparation stage is essential. Buying a home is a big decision. So big in fact, that many prospective buyers will find themselves having to rely on that gut-feeling to tell them whether your home is right for them. Having everything neat and presentable will help them through that stage, and get your house sold faster.

We recommend considering professional home styling. Also think about having the windows cleaned, and potentially even high-pressure hose down the driveway. You’ll be blown away by the change in response from prospective


Know your market

Marketing your home effectively is as important as anything else! This step can be difficult for some. Mostly as it will require you to put a dollar value on something that will be very close to your heart. But it is important to think about the buyer journey, and how you market your home should reflect what the buyer needs to see.

When looking to buy a property, prospective buyers will be doing their homework and comparing your home on some very matter-of-fact conditions. Bedrooms, bathrooms, location, etc. But price is going to underpin all of that –

and it’s only once a buyer sees that they can afford your home that they’ll start thinking about the emotional side of things.

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