Kiddie Cove stands out from the rest

Kiddie Cove has age-specific spaces. (Pictures: Supplied)

As parents of five children, Nicole and Grant Llewellyn have a real insight into what makes kids tick, as well as parental expectations in choosing the ‘right’ early childhood education and care centre.

Combine that with the five years’ experience gained in operating their first Early Learning Centre in Mill Park, plus their impressive personal credentials, and Nicole and Grant’s newest Kiddie Cove in Sunbury looks set for similar success.

Providing early childhood education and care services for children aged from six weeks to six years, as well as three- and four-year-old kindergarten, newly built Kiddie Cove has six age-specific indoor spaces and three separate age-appropriate outdoor play spaces.

Family-owned and run, Kiddie Cove has locally employed educators who are permanent staff.

“We don’t hire casual, temporary or agency staff as we believe in the importance of developing strong bonds and connections with the children and their families,” Nicole says. “And we’re very proud of that strong point of difference within the sector.”

Because research shows that play-based learning is the most successful approach to children’s learning and preparation for school, that’s the focus at Kiddie Cove.

“In kinder, we run a structured learning program with a focus on social and emotional development, along with promoting self-help skills such as being able to dress themselves and put on their shoes.

“We also teach Italian, through the Early Learning Languages Australia program, with 10 minutes each day on an iPad.

“In our three-year-old kinder program, our focus is on creating a consistent routine which supports skills required in four-year-old kinder, such as toileting independently and self-serving each of their fresh-cooked meals each day.

“We also run a weekly Bush Kinder program where the children get to explore nature and continue to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. And free incursions and excursions, daily yoga, weekly Kids in the Kitchen with our cook, and Little Sports Heroes and Hey Dee Ho music programs are all part of the Kiddie Cove experience.”

Kiddie Co app
Via the app, families are kept informed about children’s meals, nappy changes, amount of milk taken by bottle, sleep times, and even when sunscreen is applied. There’s also regular photos and daily updates.

Interesting fact: As a board member of Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria, Nicole is a passionate advocate for all children, their families, educators and staff.

Kiddie Cove Early Learning Centre, 2-4 Emma Court, Sunbury.
 Inquiries: 8001 9550 or