IN FOCUS: Wave bye-bye to fear of the dentist

Advanced Dental Group. (Joe Mastroianni)

Carole Levy

Wouldn’t it be nice to just drift away into relaxed comfort when you’re in the dentist’s chair? That can happen these days through the use of sleep dentistry, a method highly effective for patients – including children – who feel anxious, scared or downright phobic about anything dentist-related.

Dr Ayman Abdelghany, who runs Advanced Dental Group in Riddells Creek, explains how sleep dentistry works.

“If we administer minimal sedation, our patient will be awake but feel no tension or anxiety,” Dr Ayman says. “With moderate sedation, they can speak during the procedure but won’t remember anything later.

“Deep sedation puts our patient in an almost unconscious state, although they can be awakened if the need arises. The only sedation deeper is general anaesthetic.

“Patients are continuously monitored, with the treating dentist able to adjust levels as required.”

Apart from sleep dentistry, the family-focused practice offers a range of services, including general dentistry, wisdom teeth extractions, and cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery.

Dr Ayman also advises that eligible children, 17 and under, will be bulk billed under the government dental benefits scheme, and after-hours emergency appointments are available.

Principal dentist Dr Aymed, in practice for the past 15 years – four in Riddells Creek – has a special interest in dental implants and wisdom teeth extraction. Like the rest of his team, he is all about putting patients at ease and outstanding results.

He has dentists Dr Gabby Jun and Dr Addison on board, along with oral health therapist Karin Cook, a local for more than 25 years. And dental assistants, Leanne, Mandy and Keran, are known for loving a chat and making sure each patient is relaxed and comfortable.

Dr Aymed sums up what impels the entire team by saying: “The best thing, the most rewarding aspect for us all, is to see patients have their issues resolved and the confident smiles back on their faces.”

Right now, patients can get a check-up, scale and clean, fluoride application, plus x-rays if needed, for just $171 or gap-free for private health insurance patients.

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