IN FOCUS: Students thrive on Salesian way

Principal Mark Brockhus with students. (Supplied)

Carole Levy

Principal Mark Brockhus says that Salesian College Sunbury is about preparing students for the future, by encouraging them to strive in all aspects of life and enthusiastically engage with the world in order to make a difference.

“We are distinct in being a Salesian-inspired college, embracing innovative ways of teaching and learning,” says Mr Brockhus. “We provide quality education in a community of faith. We promote our school values of Community, Learning, Excellence and Faith in the classroom and in everyday life.”

He adds that learning at the college is student-centred, with a focus on supporting students as compassionate, engaged and independent lifelong learners.

“We ensure our dynamic curriculum is aimed at the development of the academic, spiritual, social and physical dimensions of the student. Our programs provide a strong foundation for future pathways.

“Our college is committed to student growth and we understand every student is unique with their own academic ability and strengths and have different needs to flourish. We encourage all students to participate in all areas, regardless of their skill level to flourish and reach their potential.

“Through project-based learning, students are provided with opportunities to focus on developing their skills and knowledge to attend to authentic, real-world problems. We inspire our students to find and pursue ideas that matter, encouraging them to have a voice in all aspects of their learning.”

“We are proud to have a variety of subjects and a huge range of co-curricular opportunities. This allows students the chance to move out of their comfort zone, be challenged and open their minds to the potential in their future”.

To give families of primary school students an insight into Salesian College, an Open Day at 9am-4pm on May 6 is one to mark on the calendar.

“There’s much to explore,” Mr Brockhus concludes, “and visitors will get to see into the college’s future, and meet me, our teachers, curriculum leaders, and other students.”

Enrolments for Year 7 next year close on Friday, August 21. Go to the website to complete an online application.

Salesian College Sunbury, 1 Macedon Street, Sunbury. Inquiries: 9744 0000 or