Coronavirus care within community is circular

Tish Gort, Chris te Wierik, Mary Pernes and Grant Ogston. (Marco De Luca)

Carole Levy

The team at Terry White Chemmart in Sunbury has joined with other local businesses in stepping up to the challenge of ‘beating the virus’. The pharmacy has introduced new measures to counteract the anxiety and possible isolation of people affected by COVID-19.

Pharmacists are also administering flu vaccinations to people aged 10 years and up, a measure to be taken right now – as recommended by Australia’s health department – in order to reduce the risk of co-infection.

No appointment is required, but you can book one online if that better suits.

Head pharmacist Chris te Wierik, says they are doing everything possible to look after and protect their staff, as well as look after their patients’ health during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m sure our customers will understand that we ask they not come into the store if they’re showing signs of cold or flu,” he says. “They can call us or their medical practitioner if they’re unsure what to do.

“We’re also offering free delivery of medications and medical supplies to those affected by coronavirus, or are self-isolating.

“As we’d now like to limit cash-handling, our preferred payment method is tap-and-go. But we also understand this may not be an option.”

Terry White’s app is a great one to download any time, but especially in these times of uncertainty. Get it at

“To maximise the app’s convenience, we recommend that people – if they’re well – drop off their scripts to be filed for quick access over the coming months, whether picking up in-store or for deliveries.

“They can order, as well as prescribed meds, their over-the-counter medications on the app – such as paracetamol, Nurofen and vitamins – and book a delivery if that’s the need.”

GUILD Australia has advised that pharmacists can now sign scripts on their patients’ behalf.

“This is to limit contact, so customers can let us know if they’re happy for this to happen.”

Terry White Chemmart has been a source of care in the community for more than 30 years, and now it’s looking to customers to reciprocate with kindness and patience during a really busy time.

“We are doing our best to serve everyone, but we may have longer-than-normal wait times throughout the day and night. That’s why we particularly ask that scripts are filed – it cuts own waiting queues by making everything quicker.

“And respect for each other is essential when waiting times seem long; none of us wants to be at the receiving end of any type of abuse. We’re all in this together.”

Terry White Chemmart, 83-85 Evans Street, Sunbury. Opens 8.30am-9pm Monday-Saturday; 9am-9pm Sunday. Inquiries: 9744 2801.